Value Based Advisory Services

Helping Clients Make Informed Decisions

We enable you to identify, select, and implement value-creating initiatives, transactions, strategies, and projects. FairValue Advisors provides advisory services for a broad range of clients, but especially in situations with a mix of tangible property and intangible property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, or a mix of domestic and international operations.

The goal of investors, business managers, and technology owners is to create and capture economic value.  However, this goal proves elusive in actual practice to a large percentage of business participants. Through our advisory services, we enable you to identify, select, and implement value-creating initiatives, transactions, strategies, and projects.

Our advisory services assignments typically relate to decisions, negotiations, resource allocations, and investments for:

  • Growth Options: To enable you to generate alternatives, and identify value-maximizing, long-term strategic growth options.
  • Fair Transactions: To ensure value is maximized in third-party transactions and dealings.
  • Business Optimization: To enable you to optimize value within existing businesses, including operating tactics, ongoing programs, and recurring decisions that maximize value.
  • Risk Management: To maximize value by properly quantifying and reducing risk.
  • Benchmark Reports:  To compare company performance to the industry, identify key changes in financial performance, industry outlook and research for similar businesses sold.

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Whether you are considering the sale of a business, accounting for acquisitions, developing an exit plan or have a legal dispute, FairValue Advisors has the resources and expertise to address your needs.

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Rich Goeldner Joins the Value Examiner’s Review Board

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