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FairValue Advisors has a broad range of experience in assisting buyers and sellers. While we do not provide business brokerage services, our business valuations can be used to position the business for sale and to help establish a reasonable basis from which to negotiate.

We also provide a review process regarding any analysis used to support the purchase price, and convert the offer terms to a cash equivalent purchase price for comparison purposes.  

A valuation can provide the owner with reasonable expectations regarding the potential price of the business to different buyers, ranging from family members, existing employees, strategic buyers or private equity firms.  At FairValue Advisors, we explore these options and the potential impact on price, as well as value enhancement strategies. 


We only employ valuation methods that are proven and accepted in the marketplace and in the courtroom. The appropriateness of the cost, market and income approaches to valuation are considered in each appraisal assignment.



Valuation Projects

A defense contractor was appraised by FairValue Advisors for evaluation by a private equity firm.

April 18, 2019

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