Punitive Damages

We Determine Punitive Damages on Top of Compensatory Damages

FairValue Advisors has the resources and expert witness experience to address your litigation consulting needs. We calculate punitive damages that a  guilty defendant should pay on top of compensatory damages. Punitive damages are awarded by a court of law as punishment when a defendant’s conduct is considered grossly negligent or intentional.

We also  testify as expert witnesses in depositions, trials, arbitration and regulatory proceedings.

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Forensic Accounting & Economic Damages Projects

Economic Damages

Economic damage analysis for breach of the Trustee's fiduciary duty

Lost Profits

Lost profits/disgorgement of profits analysis related to trade secrets

Economic Damages

Economic damages project for eminent domain

Misappropriation of Assets

Misappropriation of assets in a marital dispute

Breach of Contract

Lost profits analysis for breach of contract in the agricultural sector

Lost Value

Lost value analysis from product defects related to recreational vehicles

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Whether you are considering the sale of a business, accounting for acquisitions, developing an exit plan or have a legal dispute, FairValue Advisors has the resources and expertise to address your needs.