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Celebrating 15 Years of Service

In May 2006, Dan Cenatempo, Kevin Couillard and Rich Goeldner announced the formation of FairValue Advisors, LLC, a professional services firm specializing in business valuation, litigation support and management advisory services.  The formation of FairValue Advisors combined the resources of three separate firms: Value Resolution Group, Inc., Valuation Strategy Associates, Inc. and Valmark Appraisal, LLC.

Recognizing the increasing need for forensic accounting and litigation consulting, Dan Gallogly joined FairValue Advisors as an Executive Director in 2016, bringing over 25 years of public accounting and expert witness experience in forensic accounting.

Today, FairValue Advisors serves clients throughout the Southeast from offices in Georgia and Florida, including Atlanta, Coastal Georgia, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa.


Excerpts from the Original 2006 Press Release

“Given the vast changes occurring in the marketplace, we believe that now is the time to combine our strong resources,” explained Rich Goeldner, Executive Director.  “Through FairValue Advisors, we will enable our clients to successfully navigate today’s turbulent financial waters.”  

The Top 5 major market shifts that will continue to require business valuation and litigation support specialists, like FairValue Advisors, LLC, are:

  • The predominant role of intellectual property and intangible assets on the value of many companies, which is not clearly reflected by historical, cost-based accounting;

  • The recent changes in financial reporting standards, which require detailed purchase price allocations in acquisitions, goodwill impairment testing and expensing of stock options (FAS 141, 142 and 123);

  • Globalization, intense competition and shifts in the microeconomic environment that rapidly change the value of individual companies and technologies;

  • The twofold increase in the number U.S. patents starting in the 1990s and the perceived decline in patent quality; and

  • The aging of business owners and their need for exit strategies. 

“There are a shrinking number of options for companies who need valuation experts,” said Kevin Couillard, Executive Director.  “Sarbanes Oxley limits auditors from providing valuation and certain litigation consulting assignments, and often Boards of Directors desire specialists in areas to perform services.  Furthermore, stakeholders of valuation opinions such as the IRS, SEC and FASB are demanding more thoughtful, credible valuations strongly supporting value.  Demands in the marketplace have resulted in a higher standard of quality and expertise to perform intricate valuations and expert testimony.”

“Over the years, Rich, Kevin and I have been affiliated and partnered on many client engagements,” explained Dan Cenatempo, Executive Director.  “Today’s launch of FairValue Advisors is a natural extension of our strong working relationship.”

FairValue Advisors specializes in providing expert opinions and advice on issues relating to business and intellectual property values and economic damages. FairValue Advisors provides services to clients ranging from large, public and multi-national companies to closely-held concerns, representing various industries.

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Whether you are considering the sale of a business, accounting for acquisitions, developing an exit plan or have a legal dispute, FairValue Advisors has the resources and expertise to address your needs.

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