FairValue Advisors has the resources and expert witness experience 

to address your litigation consulting needs.

Financial Forensics & Economic Damages

FairValue Advisors provides commercial litigation and dispute resolution services in a range of situations and especially for expert litigators and their clients in complex cases related to businesses with a mix of tangible and intangible property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  When generic methods of determining damages won't suffice, our experts help secure fair outcomes by digging deeper to identify otherwise elusive or originally-sourced information and communicating it in an insightful context.


Our assignments relate to:

  • Determining direct damages, indirect damages, and compensatory damages, such as lost profits and diminution of value, in commercial litigation;


  • Calculating reasonable royalties, lost profits, lost goodwill, and corrective advertising for intellectual property disputes such as patent, trademark, and copyright infringement;


  • Valuing businesses, intangibles, intellectual property, and illiquid securities for partner, shareholder and tax disputes, marital dissolution, and other disputes;


  • Evaluating punitive damages.

Our services include:

  • Providing front-end case assessments;

  • Performing fact-finding, interviews, and physical investigations for discovery; 


  • Developing interrogatory & deposition questions;


  • Analyzing business documents and relevant economic, market, and industry information;


  • Determining value or quantifying damages;


  • Supporting settlement and licensing negotiations;


  • Reviewing & critiquing other expert’s opinions;


  • Preparing expert reports and trial exhibits;


  • Testifying to value or damages in depositions, trials, arbitration and regulatory proceedings.

Litigation Projects

FairValue Advisors completes the appraisal of a state-wide independent insurance brokerage firm for financing purposes.

September 4, 2018

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