Employee Stock Ownership Plans

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) may provide a favorable vehicle for selling a business to its employees.  Since the value of ESOP shares is based on the performance of the Company, an ESOP can provide employees with the opportunity to share in the future performance of the business.  An ESOP can provide the seller with liquidity and diversification, while in many cases still maintaining control of the business.
Depending on the structure of the ESOP transaction, the seller may gain favorable tax treatment on the proceeds from the sale of the stock and the ESOP Company may enjoy the tax deductibility of principal payments.

Since an ESOP can pay no more than adequate consideration for the Company's stock, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service require an appraisal of the ESOP shares for the initial ESOP transaction and at least annually.  Our ESOP appraisals are specifically designed to comply with DOL and IRS requirements.

FairValue Advisors has the resources and expertise to address your valuation needs.

Valuation Projects

A defense contractor was appraised by FairValue Advisors for evaluation by a private equity firm.

April 18, 2019

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