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At FairValue Advisors, we use the best practices in the business valuation profession, including the most modern and accepted business valuation methodologies. Independence and objectivity are paramount to providing credible valuation advice. Our conclusions are grounded in sound financial theory and are supported with efficient and effective research and analysis. Reliable and well-documented business valuations are essential for management and investors to make the best decisions. We provide comprehensive valuations for business and legal clients domestically and abroad.

Our business valuations can be used to position the business for sale and to help establish a reasonable basis from which to negotiate.

At FairValue Advisors, our appraisals are used to assist with buy-out and buy-in pricing, as well as the potential obligations resulting from buy-out clauses and triggering events.

FairValue Advisors has a broad range of experience in assisting clients with valuation needs for corporate tax planning, ranging from C to S conversion, asset v. equity transactions and establishing basis, to the tax implications resulting from the issuance of stock or stock options as compensation. 

Stock options are often used as part of the purchase price in the acquisition of businesses, and are routinely issued to management as part of a stock option plan. To accurately account for the issuance of options and warrants, a fair value estimate may be required as prescribed in ASC 718 (precodification SFAS No. 123R).

Since an ESOP can pay no more than adequate consideration for the Company’s stock, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service require an appraisal of the ESOP shares for the initial ESOP transaction and at least annually.  Our ESOP appraisals are specifically designed to comply with DOL and IRS requirements.

FairValue Advisors helps business owners establish reasonable expectations regarding the potential sales price for the business to different buyers, ranging from family members, existing employees, strategic buyers or private equity firms.  

FairValue Advisors assists management with the identification and appraisal of intangible assets during the purchase price allocation process for compliance with ASC 805 (precodification SFAS 141).  We also work closely with corporate officers and the auditors in determining the specific valuation needs for impairment testing.  

A fair market value appraisal can be a critical first step in the estate planning process or transitioning a business to the next generation.  FairValue Advisors has a broad range of experience with valuation issues pertaining to estate tax and related planning.

We enable you to identify, select, and implement value-creating initiatives, transactions, strategies, and projects. FairValue Advisors provides advisory services for a broad range of clients, but especially in situations with a mix of tangible property and intangible property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, or a mix of domestic and international operations.

Accurate fair value estimates can be critical in determining whether goodwill or intangible assets are impaired as required by ASC 350.  At FairValue Advisors, we work closely with corporate officers and the auditors in determining the specific valuation needs for impairment testing.  Our appraisal process and reports are specifically designed to satisfy the auditor’s requirements and fully comply with FASB’s financial reporting standards.



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