Know Where Your Company Stands

Benchmark Reports

Sometimes a business valuation is not needed, but our clients are interested in how their companies are performing particularly compared to the industry.  


We now offer benchmark reports, which include all of the following features: 

  • financial trend analysis, identifying key changes in performance

  • comparison of your company’s financial performance to the industry, including profit margins, asset utilization and debt levels

  • custom search of several transaction databases for price multiples tailored to your company’s industry

  • summary of key factors impacting your industry, and

  • projected industry growth over the next five years.

We provide benchmark reports for a nominal fee, and these reports can be updated annually under a multi-year agreement.  

Know where your company stands.

Valuation Projects

A defense contractor was appraised by FairValue Advisors for evaluation by a private equity firm.

April 18, 2019

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